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Interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air


When The Dogs Who Found Me was published in 2006, I was honored to be interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air.  It was an amazing, surreal experience: I was alone in a radio studio in New Orleans; Terry was in Philadelphia.  I was talking my dogs in New Orleans when the finished piece aired and a neighbor pulled up in her car, rolled down her window and said: I'm listening to you on the radio!  


The New York Times on The Kind I'm Likely to Get


I'm skeptical of unqualified rave reviews, even if the work in question is my own.  So I love this review from the Times of my first collection of stories.  "There are a few sections of ''The Kind I'm Likely to Get'' -- either whole stories or specific segments of them -- that don't ring true," she says.  "But mostly Foster seems to do exactly what so many writers on the edge fear doing: he follows his heart, and he makes it easy for his readers to follow suit. It's one thing to find you've grown to care for characters who are on some level unlikable and annoying. But it's something else again to realize that you fear for them. That's when you know a writer has really taken you out on a ledge. Foster beckons so gently you barely realize how you got there."  I'll take it!  

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Interview with KGB Bar about The KGB Bar Reader


Always strange to look back on old articles or stories.  This interview, from about ten years ago, had me looking back ten years to my days running the readings at KGB and closes with my answer to "what I'm working on now."  A question we should all avoid answering, because most of our accomplishments are happy accidents that take us happily off course.  

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Interview with Tennessee arts website Chapter 16


As my tour for I'm a Good Dog grew, I did more and more interviews, including this one in conjunction with several events in Tennessee.  But I laughed when I saw the headline: Everything You Know About Pit Bulls is Wrong!

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How I Got Published, for Writers Digest


Come to this interview for the writing advice, but leave thinking about how and why I compare my dogs to Brad Pitt, Marcus Schenkenberg, the Olsen Twins and Jonathan Safron Foer.

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