Welcome to the website for Ken Foster, author of books, roommate of dogs

Welcome to the website for Ken Foster, author of books, roommate of dogs

Welcome to the website for Ken Foster, author of books, roommate of dogsWelcome to the website for Ken Foster, author of books, roommate of dogs

City of Dogs - FEATURED IN THE New York TIMES

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CITY OF DOGS combines moving stories with candid images to reveal the multifaceted relationships canine New Yorkers have with their human counterparts. Enlivened with striking photography, this book pays tribute to the five boroughs and the dogs who fill them with loyalty, love, and open-heartedness. 

As joyful equalizers, dogs cut through boundaries of social class and bring people together. By encapsulating the character of New York and its neighborhoods, Foster and Scott capture: 

The famous writer and Brooklynite Jacqueline Woodson, whose beloved Toffee taught her how to slow down, while her puppy, Shadow, keeps her active. 

The dogs of Homeland Security at JFK airport in Queens, who maintain the safety of hundreds of thousands of people traveling each day.

The Moschellas from Staten Island, who learned to embrace surprise with the arrival of their triplet children and two dogs.

Will from the East Village and his corgi Hobbes, who has taught him unconditional love and motivates him to spend nights improving himself professionally with online classes.

Alex from the Bronx, who owes his sobriety and sense of purpose to his pit bulls, Luci and Max.

This perfect holiday gift book uncovers 40 dogs’ different personalities—from the showboaters to the shy—and the owners who adore them. Bestselling writer Ken Foster and renowned photographer Traer Scott illustrate the fantastic effect these dogs have on their urban kingdom.


Ken's Books

I'm a Good Dog

I'm a Good Dog book cover

"Fellow pit bull lovers, this is a brilliant bible of the glorious, gorgeous terriers."

--Rainn Wilson, star of The Office

The Dogs Who Found Me

I'm a Good Dog book cover

Bookended by the tragedies of 9/11 and Katrina, Foster finds that dogs open his eyes to the benefits of compassion, selflessness, and the chaotic beauty of living each day in the moment. 

Dogs I Have Met

Dogs I Have Met cover

In this moving sequel to his 2006 bestseller The Dogs Who Found Me, Foster introduces readers to dogs and owners he encountered while promoting his earlier book. -- Publishers Weekly

The Kind I'm Likely to Get

Kind I'm Likely to Get book cover

"Foster seems to do exactly what so many writers on the edge fear doing: he follows his heart, and he makes it easy for his readers to follow suit."

-- The New York Times Book Review

The KGB Bar Reader

KGB Bar Reader book cover

"The best of these stories are too distinctive to suggest any trends, I'm happy to say...They send you in search of other work by these writers."  The New Yorker