Articles and Essays by Ken Foster

Essay: What Brought Me to the Voodoo Priestess

As my mother's battle with aplastic anemia came to a close, my father asked me to visit my neighbor, the voodoo priestess.  

Interview with film director Barbet Schroeder

Back in 2001, I had the great opportunity to have a long discussion with Barbet Schroder about his film "La Virgen de los Sicarios."

Essay: The Year I Stayed Home with Dogs

Another essay about grief.  And dogs.  And what we can learn from how they find their place in our world. 

Essay: I am Ironman with a pacemaker

A little bit of levity!  This essay is all about how having a pacemaker makes me JUST LIKE IRONMAN.  

Essay: New Orleans' Life As a Dog

This started as an essay about the oil spill, but the editor, Sarah Hepola, said "I feel like there's something else you aren't saying." More grieving.

Chasing Duque

In Costa Rica, I visited with organizations that were taking two different approaches to the problem of stray dogs: a sanctuary of castaways and a spay/neuter program that offered services on the streets.