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Winnie Hu sat down with Ken Foster at the Boris and Horton dog cafe in the East Village to talk about his new book, City of Dogs, and the dogs of New York City.  

"No matter how completely different we are, if you have dogs in common it cuts through whatever else you might think would be a barrier. We’re different people, we come from different cultures, we speak different languages sometimes, and yet if there’s a dog in front of us, we can find a way to connect."

Read the whole interview here: "He Befriended 4,000 Dogs to Get Their Side of the Story.".



Check out my new book, City of Dogs.

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There are several Ken Fosters running around, and many of us are quite accomplished: an artist, a musician, a few elected officials.  I am none of these.  

I am the author of several books, including the memoir The Dogs Who Found Me.  My work has also appeared in publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, Bark, Flaunt, Time Out New York, McSweeney's, Fence, Newsday, etc.  

I grew up in Pennsylvania, earned a BA at Lock Haven University and and M.Ed at Northeastern University in Boston before going back to school again for my MFA at Columbia University.  I have too many degrees.  

My memoir and it's success inspired me to become more involved with animals and their people.  Currently, in addition to writing, I work in the Bronx providing resources to pet owners in underserved communities.  

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